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Biddestone Cricket Club - Officers

We have a large number of people who volunteer to keep the club running successfully and moving it forward.  The club is run primarily by an elected Committee, and supported by a wider Management Team who work on strategies and initiatives that the Committee define.

This page provides you with information on the non-Committee officers and what their responsibilities are.  To read about the Committee click here.  To put names to faces and find contact information click here.

Cricket Development Officer: Andy Short

The aim of this role is to develop and protect cricket at the Club to make the it the Club of Choice for all existing members and potential new members.  In detail
- To drive recruitment of players in both the Junior and Senior sections
- To develop and encourage players and members to make the step into cricket coaching, for the eventual advantage of the Club
- To meet and discuss with the Club coaches in order to devise their coaching plans for both the Winter and Summer programs
- To establish and maintain Team Managers throughout the Club where required and particularly in the Junior sections
- To meet regularly with the Junior Team Managers to establish the ongoing and future needs
- To manage the employment of any overseas players according to the decisions made to use overseas players by the Club
- To meet with Senior Team Captains regularly to establish any new requirements
- To develop and encourage the development of the Club Junior players to ensure as many as possible progress into the Senior teams
- To arrange the Club summer holiday cricket camps, ensuring that the program is prepared and that the relevant coaches are available to deliver
- Establishing and maintaining the Club links with partnership schools and using these links to assist with club recruitment
- To assist the Committee in the preparation and regular updating of the Club Development Plan
- To organise and arrange suitable coaches to be able to deliver the ECB 'Chance to Shine' program into the Club Partnership Schools

Club Welfare Officer: Stacey Beresford-Smith

- Promote and maintain ECB safeguarding guidance 
- Every 3 years, attend Club Welfare Officer/"Safe Hands" workshop
- Every 3 years, undertake ECB training in Safeguarding and protecting children
- Every 3 years, undertake ECB DBC check
- Source of advice and support in current best practice in safeguarding to the Club and its members.  This includes advising the Committee on which roles require vetting checks.
- Ensure that possible matters of child protection/safeguarding are reported or referred to relevant agencies (ECB, County Board, Police) as required
- Represent & report on Club Welfare matters at Committee meetings on a regular basis
- Liaise with Junior Team Managers over any health and safeguarding issues among Junior cricketers and vulnerable adults at the Club
- Liaise with the County Welfare officer as required
- Co-ordinate and maintain Clubmark registration on an annual basis
- Attend Committee meetings as required

Captains: Luke Panes, James Howell, Ryan Berry, Heath Turck

General Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the captain to ensure that the match is played according to the rules and traditions of the game.  The captain is responsible for ensuring that the Spirit of Cricket is upheld at all times by all players in the team.  Umpires decisions must not be questioned.  Opponents must not be abused either by word or action.  In such an event, and in the event of any kind of unsporting conduct by members of his team, it is the captain’s duty to intervene immediately.

The captain has a particular responsibility towards young players in his team and must be familiar with and implement ECB and league directives which concern young players. Particularly in lower teams, the captain must be careful not to focus entirely on the match result at the expense of neglecting the participation and development of young players.

In terms of attitude and sportsmanship, the captain must give the best possible example to his young players and ensure that other senior members in the team do the same. No player should be berated for failure – this is usually counter-productive. Positive advice and encouragement will bring better results. Where players are not selected or dropped, bat lower in the order, or bowl fewer overs, the reasons for these decisions should be explained.

Captains MUST attend selection meeting prior to training on Wednesday in order to facilitate that a suitable and meaningful discussion is held to select teams for the weekend.

Match day responsibilities
Before Match
- Ensure all selected players are aware as early as possible where they are playing and when you expect them to be there. Ensure in advance that parents of any U13 players have completed a consent form.
- Ensure that you have telephone numbers for players, opponents and umpires with you.
- Ensure in advance that stumps, bails, bowler’s markers, fielding markers, and boundary markers are present. Captains to allocate jobs to team members. Bottom pitch scoreboard and seating out from changing facilities.
- Collect and document match fees.
- Ascertain and document player availability for next fixture(s)
- Make arrangements for provision of drinks for first innings.
- Greet opposing captain and team and umpires on their arrival and explain changing & tea arrangements.
- Ensure separate tea portions and table is prepared for umpires/scorers where applicable. 
- Ensure your players allow visitors to get their teas first.
- At tea make up two jugs for drinks for second innings.
- Clear tables of plates dishes to kitchen area and put down some tables and stack chairs.

After Match
- Ensure that all players thank opponents, umpires and scorers.
- Retrieve the match balls and spares. Retrieve scorebook. Retrieve and put away stumps, bails, field and boundary markers.
- Cover pitch as directed by groundsman.
- Remove any litter, bottles, glasses etc. from pitch surroundings.
- Remove all litter, food, bottles, glasses etc. from home and away changing rooms
- Sweep out home and away changing rooms. Ensure all lights, showers, heaters, taps etc. in both changing rooms are switched off. Ensure all kit is removed from changing rooms.
- Ensure all windows are closed and secured and all doors locked – return keys
- Ensure clubroom in village hall is swept or mopped at the end of the evening.

Communications Officer: Ash Boswell

Manage all social media channels and day-to-day activities
- Develop relevant content topics to reach the Clubs' target audience
- Create, curate, and manage all published content (images, video and written)
- Monitor, listen and respond to users in a “Social” way
- To ensure that content and communication with the public is relevant and not in breach of club and league rules and regulations

Social Secretary: Tyrone Isitt

- Primarily responsible for organising social events throughout the year (including out of season) to which all club members are invited
- Organise and publicise social events of the club
- Organise the end of season presentation event
- Assess the safety of proposed events and venues
- Liaise with Committee members about proposed events
- Liaise with the Communications Officer to publicise events using the Club website and social media platforms
- Attend Committee meetings as required
- Organise and co-ordinate bookings and manage event attendance
- Social event attendance
- Attendance at AGM